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Why do you need foster homes?  Arizona Schnauzer Rescue does NOT have a "kennel situation".  All our dogs are kept in private homes until they are ready to be adopted.   We could not do schnauzer rescue without our dedicated volunteer foster moms and dads!

What will it cost me to foster a schnauzer?  Arizona Schnauzer Rescue pays for all veterinary bills, medicine, prescription food, etc.....anything above the normal day to day care of a dog.  The foster homes pay for the dog food.  Normally, the foster parents take care of the grooming expense, however, for the past two years, we have received a generous grant to help foster homes with their expenses.  So we have been able to pay for grooming for those foster homes that need reimbursement of grooming expenses. 

What do I need to do as a foster parent?  Before a schnauzer can be adopted, the dog must be spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, housebroken, groomed, and as healthy as possible and behaving himself.  To accomplish this, we provide as much support as we can.  We have vets that are used to foster parents bringing dogs in and the vet's offices bill Arizona Schnauzer Rescue directly.  We can loan crates, supplies and advice in working with a dog.

How long do I need to foster a dog?  We need short term foster homes for when one of our regular foster parents has to go out of town for a weekend or a week.  We need regular foster homes where the dog is brought into rescue, gets to the vet's office, etc......usually a couple of weeks to a month.  And we need longer term fostering -- perhaps a dog is chubby and needs to lose weight before being adopted.  We have taken in dogs from puppy mills that need a lot of patient understanding to help them overcome their fears....sometimes these dog need months to adjust to live outside a puppy mill.  Our network of foster homes is generous in helping each other out, if you are going on vacation, etc. and can't take care of the foster dog.

Am I stuck if a dog isn't working out?  We do not want to lose a good foster home.  If a particular dog is not working out in a foster home, we will find a different foster home for that dog.  Some foster parents do not want puppies.  Some really like the young pups.  Some people can only foster a certain sex because of their own dog's behavior.  We will work with you to insure that fostering is a good experience. 

Adopting the dog into a new home.  When a dog is ready to be adopted, the foster parent and the director discuss what would be the best type home for this dog.  Then the director goes to the waiting list and finds a person who matches that dog.  Usually, the director calls and emails the prospective owner with info on the dog and sends photos.  The potential owner contacts the foster home, sets up a time and place to meet.  If they like the dog and want to take it for a two week trial period, the foster parent prepares two copies of our adoption contract (one for Arizona Schnauzer Rescue and one for the owner) and collects the adoption fee.  The foster parent needs to mail to Arizona Schnauzer Rescue any records on the dog, the adoption contact and adopting fee.  After the two week trial, if everything is going fine, the director will deposit the fee and mail the dog's records.  If, for any reason, the adoption isn't working out, the dog is returned to us and the person is given their money back during the two week trial.

Please fill out and submit the following application to become eligible to foster a Miniature Schnauzer. 

Thank you for yor willingness to help with the rescue effort.